It is within luxury ready-to-wear houses where she works (Christian Lacroix, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Paloma for the Métiers d'Art Chanel, Mugler...),that Béatrice MEGALE cultivated her taste for fabrics, shapes and colors.

Throughout her career, she trained in textile finishing, painting, drawing and embrodery.

COLTÉ is born from the desire of creating a simple and delicate garment where to express this taste and techniques.

COLTÉ is a collection of breastplates where fabrics, braids, embroderies, painting...are mixed in graphic, colorful, expressive compositions which affirm an elegance and a very personal attitude.

Each breastplate is a unique story to wear like a jewel.

The pieces are made by hand in her Parisian studio.

Béatrice Megale is also the designer of the TALE brand, a line of bags and t-shirts screen printed by hand in a limited edition.